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Real Estate Transactions & Litigation

Mr. Burton has extensive experience handling a range of real estate matters, including residential and commercial property purchases and sales, financing of properties, and closings of residential and commercial properties. Furthermore, he also has experience in resolving real estate disputes, such as landlord/tenant and breach of contract.

Throughout the North Bay Area and Sacramento, Mr. Burton represents homeowners, commercial property owners, property managers, developers, and contractors in many types of real estate transaction matters, including:

  • Residential property purchases and sales
  • Commercial property purchases and sales
  • Financing for residential and commercial properties
  • Closings for residential and commercial properties
  • Leasing issues, negotiations, and agreements

Additionally, Mr. Burton represents clients in real estate litigation and disputes, such as the following:

  • Landlord/Tenant disputes, including unlawful detainers
  • Property boundary disputes, including easement disputes and quiet title actions
  • Land use disputes, such as zoning issues
  • Breach of contract claims
  • Real estate fraud claims, including requests for specific performance
  • Disputes over building construction involving contractors
  • Foreclosures

Our firm also assists vintners and growers in vineyard or winery purchases and sales, and with negotiating and establishing vineyard lease agreements.  Due to the unique issues that arise in this field, individuals who are considering becoming a lessor or lessee of a vineyard property should consult an attorney who has expertise in this area of real estate law and is familiar with the industry.

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